Summer in Verbier

Walking in the Swiss Alps

Summer in Verbier

We drove to Verbier to do some walking in the Swiss Alps. This is something I have wanted to do for years and so was very excited by the prospect. The wait was worth it, the mountains in the summer totally surpass the winter vistas.  The village has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere with people sitting outside all the restaurants, it is much quieter and you don’t have all the clobber required for skiing.

Verbier Meadows

Verbier Meadow

Meadows Flowers in Verbier

The mountains are covered in a carpet of alpine flowers, the sun did not stop shining, the air was clear and you really felt it was making you well just breathing it in.

View from Pierre Avoi, Verbier

View from Pierre Avoi

Pierre Avoi

We did some wonderful walks and even reached the peak of the Pierre Avoi, it was worth the climb for the panoramic views.


Pierre Avoi Verbier

Pierre Avoi Verbier

I had to restrain myself to not break into a rendition of “Climb every Mountain” expecting to see Julie Andrews round every corner or at the very least Heidi, sadly we were disappointed on that front.

Walking t hesnow line.Summer in Verbier

Walking the snow line.

We walked in the snow line and saw high mountain lakes, marmotte’s playing in the sun, endless streams with ice cold crystal clear water tumbling down, amazing butterflies and of course some of the most stunning flowers. From the intense heat we have been having around Europe recently the mountain air was a real respite from it, a memorable and very exciting trip, one to repeat and something I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you Charlotte for your words and happy memories.

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